Foreground FAQs

What Is Foreground?

Igniting new synergies between category pillars, Foreground brings together, ShootProof - a global leader in software, purchasing, education, and productivity solutions for professional photographers – to connect like-minded enterprises and e-commerce sites like Collage that offers photo prints and custom gifts. As a comprehensive, one-stop marketplace, Foreground will continue to scale a full suite of complementing products and services that seek to meet the needs of consumers and photographers alike, including ShootProof, Collage, Táve and Design Aglow.

How Does It Work?

By uniting industry veterans and technology leaders in the category, Foreground makes it easier than ever for photographers to empower photographers and help them realize their goals.

What Makes Foreground Different?

Foreground harnesses the evolution of the category, marrying the business needs of the professional photographer with current and large-scale knowledge of consumer behavior. Using our entire product suite, we can leverage our understanding of consumers and their buying behaviors to help photographers become more efficient and profitable, while fostering lifelong client relationships, from shoot to print and beyond.

What Are Your Values?

At Foreground we value you, the creator, our innovative new product suite is designed to help you manage your entire business - all in one place. We strongly believe that this is the “age of the creator” and we want to give you all the tools you need to succeed.

How Does Foreground Help Small Businesses?

Our professional photographers network represents hundreds of thousands of small businesses, the large majority of which are women owned and operated. By creating this platform we are enabling the discovery of these small businesses and giving them the tools they need to grow and scale their photography business on their own terms.

How Does Foreground Protect User Photos?

With our world-class software, we can offer photo protection that still enables purchasing for both you and your clients. Password-protected galleries, private URLs and other privacy options mean their memories can be for their eyes only.